Why Do I Need To Replace my Roof?

Your roof ages over time, and requires maintenance. Your goal should be to proactively inspect it twice a year so that it receives the attention it needs before you risk water damage. In fact, by detecting problem areas early on can save you major dollars in the long term.

A leak in your roof is not the only time you might need replacement roofing.

New Roof Repair

What factors should I consider when it comes to replacing my roof?

  • Age of roof
  • Your tolerance for repairing the roof in piecemeal fashion, which means dealing with a mismatched appearance and periodic checks
  • Missing or torn shingles which make your home vulnerable to leakage
  • Damaged shingles expose your roof to rot and weaken nearby shingles
  • Curling, splitting, and weakened shingles that you may lose in strong winds

Other conditions to consider related to your roof

  • Damaged, rusted or missing flashing, which is the metal that protects chimneys, vents, and the dip in the valleys where roof sections come together
  • Inside your home, check the ceilings and walls for signs of water damage such as discoloration, cracks, and peeling wallpaper
  • Check downspouts and gutters for any signs of problems
  • Do you see any scraps of roofing? Broken pieces of paint?

Any number of factors will affect whether or not you need roof replacement. Pittsburgh-based Meredith Home Improvement can help. The decision to repair or replace a roof is often met with failure because people either don’t find a quality roofing contractor or they opt for the less expensive option of adding a new roof on top of the existing one. Two roofs can become heavy and cause rot in the sub-layers.

Not sure what to do?

Contact the professionals at Meredith Home Improvement. We can guide you in this decision so that you have the right solution for you.