To Repair, or Replace?

At some point in time, all homeowners ask the question: does my home need siding repair or siding replacement? Maybe you have a section of siding that is broken. Damaged siding allows water, dirt, and pests inside, which can lead to bigger problems.

While the easy fix seems to be a quick patch over, sometimes replacing the broken siding is a better option. Here’s why:

Siding Repair

Less ongoing maintenance

Sure, a quick repair may help you in the near term. But what about the long-term affects? Old siding requires some work to preserve it. Rotting wood underneath can lead to serious problems. Maybe now is the time to consider vinyl siding to avoid all of the wood-related problems homeowners face over and over.

You’ll go from time-consuming and costly maintenance to a simple hose clean of your new vinyl siding.

Save on energy bills

Did you know a damaged siding this summer is letting hot air into your home, making your air conditioner work harder? The same is true in the colder months. Simply put, a home that is not properly sealed costs you more money. And, the temperature swings are uncomfortable.

Increase the value of your home

Not only will you enhance the look of your home for your own enjoyment, when you go to sell, others will find the new vinyl siding an asset as well. Think of a siding replacement in terms of increasing the value of your home—and the return on investment you’ll be sure to enjoy later.

Choose from an array of styles and colors to add your own flair. Don’t worry about fading or re-painting ever.