Homeowners in the Northern Ohio area know that harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on their roofing systems. Integrity Roofing and Siding LLC provides professional services in the region for every roof type. Whether the project is a simple repair or a complete tear off and new installation, the company’s experienced team members work with precision to bring the system up to par. They combine high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship in order to give each customer a solid, long lasting roof structure.

Over time, asphalt shingles may crack or curl. This damage can allow moisture to seep down to the materials below causing rot and mold. Integrity roofing and siding LLC contractors fix impaired shingles to prevent further destruction. When water has already deteriorated the underlayment and sheathing, the crew replaces the components quickly and efficiently. The company’s goal is to ensure that customers get the full life expectancy out of their roofing systems.

Cedar shakes are not a problem for Integrity roofing and siding LLC experts. Although these materials sometimes buckle, lift and warp, the company’s specialists are well trained in the repair or replacement of wood roofing parts. The damage may be caused by weathering, but poor installation methods take a toll on the finished system. Inadequate ventilation creates many issues with wood roofing products, but experienced professionals can fully restore the structure and treat it for future protection. If the roof is more than 25 years old, the homeowner may prefer to have a new system installed by Integrity roofing and siding LLC.

With a slate roof, most damage often results from deteriorated water barriers. Cracks in the slates should not be sealed until the materials underneath have been thoroughly examined. Integrity roofing and siding LLC roofing specialists rarely advise clients to replace a slate roof in its entirety but will do so if 30 percent of the slates are worn.

Since metal roofing components are currently rising in popularity, many residential property owners require an occasional rust removal service. The company’s experts will apply a metal primer and top coat after the rust is gone. Any area of leakage including loose edges and seams can be sealed with roof cement.

Every roof type benefits from the skillful reformation of a Integrity roofing and siding LLC team member. No repair job is too difficult for this group of technicians. Their workmanship, along with their top rated materials and equipment, has earned the company a prestigious reputation in chillicothe.

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Many Lake County, Ohio area homes have older windows that are difficult to clean, hard to open and close, and allow heat and cool air to escape. Integrity roofing and siding LLC can assess your needs and come up with a quality Replacement Window Solution that can enhance the overall look of your home and give you a crystal-clear view of the world outside. Ask us about our energy efficient windows, which can help to save money on heating and cooling costs.


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