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Meredith Homes is proud to announce it’s alignment with Polaris Windows. Renowned for their strength, variety, and energy efficiency, count on Polaris to deliver the ultimate in quality windows.

Polaris Windows differentiates itself through its 3 lines of windows targeted to meet your specific needs. From it’s signature UltraWeld line geared towards those who want the best of the best, to it’s economical DynaWeld line redefining what great value is, there is something to fit your every need.

  • Energy efficient layering that will save you money in heating costs.
  • Signature vinyl compound that ensures it’s pristine appearance will last a lifetime.
  • Ergonomical features like recessed tilt latches, double-weather stripping, and TruePosition Value System makes windows user-friendly and easy to maintain.
  • Wide variety of vinyl colors and window styles allows endlessly flexible options.

For the best in vinyl windows, look no further than Polaris windows.

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