Mastic-LogoWhen it comes to siding, vinyl siding is the tried-and-true classic.  Low maintenance, durable, and customizable, vinyl siding has long been a preferred option for homeowners.  If you need to re-side your home, Meredith Home Improvements is proud to offer vinyl siding from Mastic by Plygem.

For years, Mastic has been one of the premier brands of vinyl siding in North America and we are happy to be able to carry their line of products. Mastic’s siding is strong, able to stand up to extreme weather, with some versions able to withstand wind speeds of up to 240 mph. It is also low maintenance, requiring no painting or caulking.

Take a look at a few of the reasons we love Mastic’s Vinyl Siding:

  • Wide variety of style and budget options
  • Low maintenance
  • Mastic vinyl siding is made from partially sustainable materials and fully recyclable.
  • Beautiful curb appeal and color choices
  • Durable, resistant to cracking, rot, warp, and extreme weather
  • Energy efficient, with insulated options that increase your homes heat control
  • Resistant to pests, unlike wood siding

Need help envisioning what Mastic’s vinyl siding could look like on your home? Take a look our gallery below to see what the Mastic’s siding looks like after installation!

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