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James Hardie Siding can transform your home to give it a modern look, a traditional appearance, or a contemporary vibe. This fiber cement siding is of exceptional quality and is superior to both wood and vinyl siding.

  • DURABILITY. No matter where you live – in the snow belt, where you deal with precipitation and cold every winter, or in the desert, where temperatures can reach 100 degrees for most of the summer—James Hardie siding lasts for decades and will look great long after it’s installed. These products are Engineered for Climate, which means that the climate of the region you live in will also determine the best products to use. For example, Pittsburgh has extreme seasonal temperature variations and year-round precipitation. Therefore, your James Hardie siding will be treated to reduce the effect of moisture so that mold, shrinking, swelling, and cracking are prevented.
  • AESTHETICS AND DESIGN. This siding will make your home historically and architecturally accurate. James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology ensures that your siding will never fade. It comes with a 15-year limited warranty that covers paint and labor, protecting against peeling, cracking, and chipping. Our color palette is not only fade-resistant, but also has colors of every hue that add personality, drama, or freshness. You may be looking for sophistication, warmth, or charm to make your home truly stand out. Need some help? We can help you choose.
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Replacing your siding with James Hardie fiber cement siding earns you an astonishing 84% return on your investment at resale. Also, since fiber cement siding is so resistant to the elements, it may also bring down your insurance premiums. For your peace of mind, James Hardie siding comes with a 30-year warranty, so your ROI is secure.

Meredith Home Improvements can help you choose the right James Hardie siding for your home or business. We are proud to be the only JAMES HARDIE ELITE PREFERRED CONTRACTOR in the Pittsburgh area. We always use the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction and specialize in the installation of a wide range of James Hardie products. Call us today to learn more.

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