Our team at Meredith Home Improvements is happy to be able to offer our flat roofing and roof coating solutions to our residential and commercial clients.

Flat roofing is a popular option for businesses and homes due to its low maintenance, and durability, which allows owners to have it installed and forget about it.  Learn about the benefits of flat roofing and roof coatings below:

Benefits of Flat Roofing:

Flat RoofingFlat roofing has been a popular choice for businesses and homeowners for decades.  Particularly for large scale commercial applications, flat roofing provides owners with a low maintenance option that will last for a decade or more.

  • Economical: Flat roofing is inexpensive to install, which makes it a popular choice for large scale applications.
  • Options: Flat roofing is available in a number of different materials, including TPO, EPOM, rubber, and more.  All of the options present slightly different benefits. Whether you are looking for a built-up roof, the premier flat roofing option in the United States over the last century, or you are interested in installing a modern flat roofing solution like TPO, Meredith Home Improvements has you covered.
  • Accessibility/Ease of Installation: Flat roofing is easier to work on than a sloped roof for obvious reasons. It is also faster and easier to install than traditional roofing for this reason.  While a traditional roof needs to be installed shingle by shingle, flat roof generally just needs to be unrolled and glued or heated to the roof deck that it is being installed on. It is also far easier, and safer, to conduct repairs on a flat roof.
  • Insulation: Typically, flat roofing is installed with an insulating layer that helps protect your home from structural damage, and reduces energy loss through your roof.

Overall, flat roofing is a wonderful option for any home or business.  It is low maintenance, durable, economical, and easy to make repairs on if need be.  If you’ve been looking for a roofing option you can install and never think about again until its time to replace it, flat roofing is the perfect solution!

If you are interested in installing a flat roof on your home or business, reach out to our team at Meredith Home Improvements today at 412-831-9991 or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all of your flat roofing needs.

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