The roofing specialists at Meredith Home Improvements provides all our customers with cedar shake roofs. This unique and authentic roofing solution is one that isn’t as popular as asphalt but it is extremely effective.

Cedar Shingles Overview

It’s important for a homeowner to truly understand what they are getting with a specific material on their home. With cedar shingles, what exactly are you getting?

Well, you are getting a material that is beautiful, durable, resistant to storms, and energy efficient. One thing you need to know though is that cedar shingles are more expensive in comparison to asphalt.

Pro’s of Cedar Shingles


Some people are in love with the look of cedar. In those cases, this look cannot be replicated by any other shingle material.


Cedar can actually last 10 years longer than common roofing materials cuh as asphalt.

Energy Efficiency:

Cedar is a natural insulant and is actually better than asphalt.

Con’s of Cedar Shingles


People are always trying to save money and usually, those on a tight budget won’t be pushed toward cedar shingles by our specialists.

Regular Maintenance Required:

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