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We have all seen the impact large corporations have had on our local economy. I was once part of a large corporation and witnessed firsthand how large overhead costs became the burden of the consumer. I made the decision to use my 20+ years of experience and knowledge to create a small business without all the high priced front page advertising and gimmicks to attract new customers. Cutting out those costs makes our pricing hard to beat. So how do we get new customers? It’s simple….. A satisfied customer is one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools a small business can ever have!

When you’re a small business, you have one distinct advantage over the big guys: customer relationships. Providing exceptional customer service is just as important to us as the superior quality of the products and services we deliver. Running a smaller company allows me to personally be involved in every project from start to finish. I get to know each and every one of our customers and I have gained many friendships throughout the years. At Integrity Roofing and Siding LLC our dedication is to our customers. Nothing comes before the needs of the people we work for. And it’s that belief that sets us apart and brings people to our door.

Integrity Roofing and Siding LLC

David Kidd President / Owner

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Many Lake County, Ohio area homes have older windows that are difficult to clean, hard to open and close, and allow heat and cool air to escape. Integrity roofing and siding LLC can assess your needs and come up with a quality Replacement Window Solution that can enhance the overall look of your home and give you a crystal-clear view of the world outside. Ask us about our energy efficient windows, which can help to save money on heating and cooling costs.


For more information on our Residential Roofing Services, Residential Window Replacements, and Residential Siding, contact us today, where experienced team of professionals will be happy to assist you with any questions you have.

Integrity roofing and siding LLC is proud to be an Angie’s List Award Winner for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Integrity roofing and siding LLC refers its customers to the following quality lender for their financing needs. Please call to set an appointment to go over materials and procedures for the timelime.